Do you want your family to have the same lifestyle if something happens to you Who will pay your mortgage if something happens to you Are your loved ones protected What's your plan b No strategy is a strategy to fail How does your retirement look like Protect what matters

Could your family manage without you for the next six months? If you suffered a heart attack, a stroke, or were diagnosed with cancer and you had to take a long-term leave, would your expenses stop?

The Services


Critical Illness, Life, Credit, Health and Accident.


Guaranteed Investments, Term Investments, RRSP, TFSA, RESP, and RRIF.

Group Insurance

Group insurance. Healthcare insurance.

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power, so know your options. The goal is to help you examine your current situation and suggest the best course of action for your future.

At the financial centre we are mobile. If you live in the Greater Vancouver area, call and arrange a time that is convienient for you and I'll be there. Let me help you and your family plan for retirement.

Strategy Strategy
Planning Planning
Tax Free Tax Free
Well Being

The goal is to offer financial security to our clients by finding a financial solution that is tailored to suit their budget, lifestyle and needs at every stage of life.